Frankfort Town Court

The Traffic Court in Frankfort Ny is held Monday and Tuesday evenings before local justices. As a convenience we have provided the known official website and contact information for the court. When answering your traffic violation or misdemeanor charges, please always refer to the address that appears on your ticket and be sure to respond in a timely manner to avoid license suspension, additional fees, and other legal complications. If you have questions about answering your ticket in the town of Fairfield, you can call our office at (518) 465-2211 or use our email contact form. All Vehicle & Traffic violations (SPEED IN ZONE, SPEED OVER 55, FLD DUE CARE EMERGENCY VEHICLE, OP MOBILE DEVICE, 1180, 1163, 1144, 1110, etc.) must be answered with a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty before a fine is issued. If you would like to know what the fine amount for your ticket will be, we will be happy to answer questions or you can visit for more information.

Address: 140 S. Litchfield Street, 2nd Floor Phone: (315) 895-7267
Fax: (315) 894-0910
Official Website:

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